A few years ago, upon returning...

A few years ago, upon returning to my office from lunch, I realized that something was wrong physically. I prayed as I had been taught in Christian Science, but it was soon evident that I was unable to think and speak clearly. With great effort I managed to tell my supervisor that I was going to a room in the building provided for those in need.

Upon entering the room I tried to read a copy of the Sentinel, but I could make out nothing on the printed page. The telephone was right beside me, but I was unable to speak. Although I was conscious of everything about me, the ability to think was going from me so fast by then that I knew I must hold on to a basic truth. One word—God— was all that remained in my consciousness. An arm and one side of my face became numb, but I continued to say over and over to myself just the word God and clung to it.

Testimony of Healing
"You can prove for yourself...
June 4, 1955

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