One of the most remarkable testimonies of healing ever given is to be found in the ninth chapter of John's Gospel. It is the healing of the man born blind, whose sight was instantaneously restored through the vision of the Christ by the Master, Christ Jesus. The clarity of this vision belonged to the man as much as it belonged to the Master. "One thing I know," the healed one said, "that, whereas I was blind, now I see."

What is the "one thing" we all must know? Surely it is our relationship to God as demonstrated by Christ Jesus. We must know, realize, and retain the true knowledge of man's sonship with God. The man born blind may have had no book learning; he may have been an object of pity to the crowd, or perhaps he was signaled out by some as one whose affliction was the result of sin. It mattered not to the Master what grade of society he came from or whether or not he came from or whether or not he had a good education or a righteous parentage. The mortal history of the man, with his mental and physical deficiencies, Christ Jesus annulled through his vision of the clear light of Truth, which reveals man as the son of God, the child of light, the heir to the kingdom of Spirit. The Master saw man, not as a mixture of good and evil, of light and darkness, of health and disease, but as the blessed child of God, whose eye is single and whose "whole body" is "full of light."

December 12, 1953

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