In the Holy Bible we read (Hab. 1:13), "Thou [God] art of purer eyes than to behold evil, and canst not look on iniquity." What a healing thought is this! It is well worth pondering. God does not, cannot, behold evil—anything unlike Himself. Why? Because God, good, made all that was made, and therefore His creation is the only creation. It is good, like Himself; it is whole, perfect, complete, spiritual, immortal, eternal. His creation embodies all His attributes, which are everlastingly the true, the real, the indestructible. This perfect creation is what God is forever beholding.

Now because it is impossible for God to look upon iniquity—anything erroneous—it follows that it is also impossible for man, God's reflection, to gaze upon or know evil. Consider the benefits of making this spiritual fact practical in our daily living. When we behold man as God beholds him, we cannot see our neighbor or an associate as a suffering mortal. We cannot see him as in reality short-tempered, dishonest, cruel, greedy, lazy, unpleasant, in ill-health. Instead, we must behold him in Science as God's idea—loving, upright, kind, generous, diligent, pleasant, healthy. Truth, as revealed to us in Christian Science, shows that man, the idea or child of God, is naturally and wholly good. God's attributes are the heritage of each and every child of God—manifested perfectly, right now. We can demonstrate the presence of these attributes—bring them into our experience—by being instant in our rejection of all suggestions that they are absent, by knowing that man sees what God causes him to see.

December 12, 1953

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