For a number of years, during...

For a number of years, during which I felt in need of no particular help from Christian Science, my study and church attendance suffered badly. Finally a blemish appeared on my face. My sister, a practitioner in another city, told me that if I were going to handle the condition in Science, I should not ignore it but do specific work to heal it and prove the nothingness of error. She suggested that I get in touch with a practitioner with whom I could talk.

I did this and also started to work for myself; but the blemish became more and more alarming to my friends, some of whom thought I had cancer. Among these were two medical men. During this period I studied Christian Science assiduously and had absolutely no fear. I do not know at just what point the healing came, but the blemish, which had grown to about the size of a quarter of a dollar, started to diminish in size until it shortly was only a slight discoloration. This healing took place over a year ago. It was witnessed by many of my friends, who recognized that it came through the understanding of God gained through Christian Science.

Testimony of Healing
In writing this testimony I desire...
September 20, 1952

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