How often it has been said with longing: "Oh, if we could but start all over again! If only the world could be made anew so that everything would function properly!" Humanity's ardent wish for a fresh start, though it appears altogether vain to mortal sense, is nevertheless capable of realization.

This may seem a challenging statement. Yet Christ Jesus, the mighty Founder of Christianity, two thousand years ago gave the fresh start of healing to every individual who called upon him for help. He restored health to all who were sick among the multitudes listening to him and roused the sensual and sinner to a truer view of man's being. He calmed the storm that seemed about to overwhelm his disciples in their boat upon the Sea of Galilee; he fed many thousands when stocks of food were hopelessly inadequate. He raised the dead, and himself overcame death and the grave. Before his ascension he declared unequivocally that these same signs would throughout all time follow those who accepted his teachings, so that Christianity would ever confer the essential fresh start in each individual case of human need. The divine law of Love with its healing and regenerating influence was revealed, and it gave a fresh start to religious worship in the first century of the Christian era.

December 27, 1952

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