Men everwhere cherish the thought of home. The human heart longs to be protected, encouraged, and understood, to love and be loved, to have a home wherein are found peace and harmony. We sometimes fail to realize the presence of these qualities because we look for them in matter, whereas the qualities which constitute the real home are spiritual. Home symbolizes shelter, comfort, joy, contentment, rest, companionship, and so on. Christian Science has given the world the true concept of home, heaven, or harmony, as "the secret place of the most High," the kingdom of God within; and we dwell in this home whenever we are conscious of God. The Psalmist writes of the sanctuary of Spirit as a refuge for even the sparrow and the swallow.

The reality and substance of home are not found in matter or material wealth, but in spiritual qualities. Then to enjoy home we must renounce selfishness, self-will, self-righteousness, unkindness, discord, jealousy, aggression, and the restriction of the rights of others. As we realize that as God's children we dwell under the loving care of our Father-Mother God and that we are never for a single moment separated from all-inclusive Love, we become more conscious each day that we are never alone, never homeless or forsaken. The nature of Love is to shelter, comfort, make happy, give rest. Then home is to be found in the presence of Love. We may always have this true sense of home with us, because it does not depend on material possessions for expression.

September 30, 1950

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