Gratitude Is Recognition

"Gratitude is much more than a verbal expression of thanks," writes Mary Baker Eddy on page 3 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." And she adds, "Action expresses more gratitude than speech." With her insight into the true meaning of gratitude, she perceived far more than the ordinary value of the word. We may recall that the French for "gratitude" is reconnaissance, with the primary sense of "knowing again." Indeed, one English equivalent is "recognition," or "re-cognition."

The Scriptures confirm our Leader's statement about gratitude. The twentieth chapter of II Chronicles, for example, gives an account of a problem that confronted Jehoshaphat and his people. A great multitude "from beyond the sea on this side Syria" marched against them. But the first thing Jehoshaphat did was to proclaim a fast throughout Judah, thus indicating to his followers the necessity of denying the testimony of the material senses. Next the whole nation met to ask help of the Lord; and to the assemblage Jehoshaphat explained, in the picturesque language of the Orient, that God is infinite; that in His hand, or mental grasp, is all power.

Keep Your Eyes on the Peaks!
June 30, 1945

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