"Write them not"

One there was who prayed to see revealedSuch things the earthly-minded cannot know.His prayer was answered! Hidden springs did yieldTheir mighty waters which to all would flow—Clear, crystal streams of purest thought divine.For, listening, he heard an angel cry;Its voice was loud, the message did outshineAll earthly glory. Lo! from God on highIt pours its light and loveliness aroundOn all who, looking up, will see and takeThe verities which in Love's realm abound.What though it cause the earthly shrines to shake?What if from out the ages' historyThe phantoms rise of evil's mystery?

When seven thunders crash, when evil's mightParades so vauntingly in fierce array,While war and devastation in our sightObscure the glory, light, and joy of day;Turn from chaotic mirage, pain, and fear,From woes and tribulation—cannon's shot!Wait for a while; erelong you'll surely hearThe angel's voice entreat, Oh, "write them not"!For never can these evils which we faceBe written in the records of our Lord.They are not true! however blatant, base,However wildly harsh storm-winds have roared.There is no evil, sin or death or hate!These cannot find or pass through heaven's gate.

Protection in Wartime
July 31, 1943

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