Liberation of the World

Mary Baker Eddy writes in "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 144, 145), "The Church, more than any other institution, at present is the cement of society, and it should be the bulwark of civil and religious liberty." The Christian ideal includes brotherly love. This ideal has been expressed in the sincere effort of Christians to reach out to all humanity in the work of salvation. And now in our day the teaching of Christian Science is forwarding the great task of elevating the race, the whole family of men. This spiritually elevating and healing influence transforms human living and conforms it to the divine plan. Thus the liberation of the world from sin, sickness, and death is proceeding through the scientific understanding of God, good, whereby all evil will be destroyed, for it has no defense against and no foundation within good. The Christian Science church is leading mankind towards the true sense of the universe, of unity and brotherhood.

Through Mrs. Eddy's inspired leadership many are seeking the spiritual basis of harmony and health, in the profound truth that God created man in His likeness to express His spiritual and righteous nature or character. Healing work in Christian Science is accomplished through an understanding that man lives in Mind, Soul, not in matter; and the individual progresses Spiritward in proportion to his realization that his true selfhood is ever in rapport with Life, divine Mind. Materiality presents no true picture of the nature of reality. Shadows which flit through its pattern of human life are unreal. They lack the power to act or to obstruct. They are the profections of false mortal concepts or opinions. Only as they are discarded by Christianly scientific thinking will the new heaven and the new earth appear to human consciousness.

August 29, 1942

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