Dwelling in Safety

When countries and homes are threatened with invasion and strange dangers loom large on the horizon, the longing for a place of safety becomes paramount. People ask, Is any place safe in these days? Is there a refuge from calamity when material defenses seem so inadequate? Yes, there is indeed a place of safety, prepared for everyone who will enter into it. It is a place known of old, yet one which has to be individually discovered, individually resorted to, individually adopted as a sure dwelling place. We find the way to it revealed in the Bible. In the ninety-first Psalm it is called "the secret place of the most High." He that dwells therein "shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty." It is, therefore, not a mere material location, but rather a state of consciousness, hidden from the observation of the physical senses. It is the comforting, sheltering presence of divine Love in the heart.

The Bible is full of promises of safety and stories of instances in which these promises are fulfilled. Christian children are early taught these stories of divine deliverance with the expectation that they will understand and trust the same eternal power of protection from danger in their own lives. That this is not more generally done is because the spiritual signification of these stories is not practically understood, the eternal spiritual law which they illustrate has not been recognized.

"Not of this world"
August 29, 1942

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