"Unfoldment, not accretion"

Demonstration , as understood in Christian Science, is the proof of what God is and what He does for man; it is the rich fruition which confirms the heavenly conviction of God's goodness.

Individuals occasionally employ the term "demonstration" loosely and incorrectly, not realizing how progress may be thus restricted and thought materialized. It is exceedingly important to comprehend clearly the nature of demonstration. The utilization by the individual of the facts concerning God and man, the facts of His infinite perfection and all-inclusive government and man's expression of the divine attributes, is followed inevitably by manifold signs—health, abundance, peace, and life; but it is never true that one can "demonstrate" material things—a house, a position, a friend, and so forth. Such possessions may well appear, and do appear as far as need be, as the student advances in Christian Science, but the fact remains that they are incidental to his progress and only illustrate progressively to human sense the goodness of real being. One demonstrates not material things but spiritual truth.

Man's At-one-ment with God
February 7, 1942

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