It is with the greatest gratitude...

It is with the greatest gratitude that I am able to testify to the fact that a knowledge of Truth, gained through Christian Science, heals men of physical disorders, as well as of sin and all other inharmonies that beset earthly experiences. In my own experience I have proved that this can be and is being achieved.

For a number of years I suffered from a stomach ailment, which was diagnosed by physicians as pepticulcers. The certainty of the condition seemed to be further established by the extensive X-ray photographs that had been made, together with other tests common to the practice of medicine. To combat the malady I was placed on strict diets and was provided with certain remedial agents to take at intervals during each day. As I did not respond to this treatment, but rather seemed to become weaker and worse off than previously, I was informed by a physician that if medical care did not prove to be effective, surgery must be eventually considered. It was at this juncture that Christian Science was first introduced into my experience by a young woman of my acquaintance. I was at first a bit antagonistic toward this religion, and later on more or less apathetic about it, for I did not consider it as a means of being healed of this distressing condition. At her request, however, I did read a chapter or two in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the textbook of Christian Science written by Mary Baker Eddy, but I must confess that I scarcely understood what it was all about. Some time after that, this person (who had since become my wife) suggested one Sunday morning that I accompany her to church. I had been confined to my bed following a severe hemorrhage, but to please her, I consented to do as she wished. Shortly after being seated, I noticed these words inscribed on the wall of that church: "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need." I was told that it was a quotation from Science and Health (p. 494), and that it surely was a true statement, for it had been proved many times in my wife's experience.

Testimony of Healing
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October 3, 1942

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