In 1921 I was in a wretched condition mentally, physically,...

In 1921 I was in a wretched condition mentally, physically, and morally. I had had medical treatment for two years, until finally the doctor had informed me he could do nothing further for me. My condition was extreme, and I indeed walked "with painful steps and slow" (Christian Science Hymnal, No. 158). In my extremity, and because all material means to gain health and happiness had failed, I resolved to turn to Christian Science for help.

When this decision was made, I found the way already prepared for my introduction to the truth, for it developed that my immediate supervisor was a Christian Scientist. I approached him on the subject, and after a few weeks mustered up enough courage to go to a Reading Room and speak of my troubles to the attendant. I was given much encouragement and lovingly directed to read daily the Lesson-Sermon in the Christian Science Quarterly, attend church, and go to the Christian Science lectures. This I began to do, and very soon, as I carried out this counsel and received the loving help of practitioners and other Christian Scientists with whom I became acquainted, I found that my thinking began to change, and I became conscious of a transformation in my mental attitude toward life and all mankind.

Testimony of Healing
My heart overflows with gratitude for Christian Science...
December 21, 1940

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