We Need Not Hurry

WHAT a comforting sense of relief and peace comes with the assurance that we need not hurry! This is not merely a pleasant platitude, but a reasonable, intelligent, provable statement. Our true or spiritual habitation is maintained by the all-pervading Mind in constant, eternal harmony. In our true selfhood, then, we are not controlled by chance and change, pushed hither and thither by mortal fears in a struggle for good, achieving only uncertain, unsatisfying, imperfect results. Mind—divine, infinite, supreme—is God. God is everywhere, ever present, and all-powerful. We abide under His guidance and government. Herein are peace, poise, order—perfect cause producing perfect effect.

As we advance in the study of Christian Science, we assuredly become cognizant of spiritual harmony because of a transformation in our thinking. Our concept of God and man undergoes a great change. We see life in a holier light, as reflecting Life, God. No longer do we see love as an emotional quality of the carnal mind, but realize that it is the reflection of the vital, ever-operative divine Principle, Love. Being truthful is not merely refraining from uttering falsehoods; but through the unfoldment of Truth in our consciousness we learn that material falsity has no place in our relationship with God.

"Peace, be still"
November 11, 1939

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