At the time Christian Science Hall was opened in...

At the time Christian Science Hall was opened in Concord, New Hampshire, my mother became slightly interested and attended several services there. Later, when many physicians failed to help me and a surgeon had examined me and said a serious operation was necessary, my mother insisted, in fact demanded, that I try Christian Science.

I remember how unkind this seemed to me, and I went to my room full of bitter hatred towards my mother. I angrily walked the floor, saying over and over: "My mother has no right to demand this of me; I'll be the laughingstock of all my friends; and how could Christian Science do anything for me? The surgeon saw the diseased condition of my body. How could that be changed without an operation?" I grew angrier and angrier until at last, exhausted, I threw myself upon the bed, and as I again asked, "How can it be possible for Christian Science to heal what is so diseased?" my room suddenly seemed filled with peace, and as distinctly as if a voice were speaking came the message, My child, God heals. All the anger and hatred left me, and I fell asleep ready and happy to do as my mother wished.

Testimony of Healing
Over forty-five years ago I heard of Christian Science,...
August 7, 1937

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