Prompt Ministering

The incident of the healing of Peter's wife's mother is given in three of the Gospels, each account differing slightly from the others. In all three accounts, however, there are two points which stand out clearly: one, that the fever left her; the other, that she "ministered unto them." A consideration of these two points may be helpful. The fact that she was ready at once to minister, ready to express to others the good obtained for herself, proves unmistakably that she had received not only physical healing, but also that which was of far greater importance, the touch of the Christ.

In Christian Science we learn that God impartially blesses all. Therefore any unwillingness to share with others the good one receives must of necessity result in seeming temporarily to lessen one's capacity to receive. As all Christian Scientists learn, a knowledge of this Science confers innumerable blessings. A corresponding fact, although perhaps one not quite so readily admitted, is that the demands of this Science are proportionate to the blessings it bestows.

December 10, 1932

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