I wish to testify to the wonderful uplifting joy and freedom...

I wish to testify to the wonderful uplifting joy and freedom that have come to me and to my little family through the knowledge of Christian Science, in the prayerful hope that it may help some other mother who is perhaps burdened by sick and ailing children as I was six years ago. My little girls, then seven and ten years old, were supposed to be exceptionally delicate. The younger had just undergone a third operation and had distressing and prolonged attacks of digestive trouble. They were both subject to severe attacks of influenza and colds and would spend weeks at a time in bed under medical treatment, all this causing heavy expense which we could ill afford. I often felt quite exhausted by anxiety and sick nursing and was also perplexed, because of my own unbelief in the old church teachings, as to how to give my children any religious instruction.

Christian Science first came to the aid of my husband, I myself being totally uninterested. I began presently, however, to read his copy of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and then Love sent one convincing messenger after another, all telling of benefits received in Christian Science and of its great truth. At last it dawned on me that this was the truth I had been seeking for myself and my children. My husband and I agreed that they should have a Christian Science practitioner instead of medical treatment, and from that day doctors and medicine have been unknown in our home. I was full of fears of my own inability to work things out in Christian Science, of possible estrangement from members of my family, and of their disapproval of such a step; but we have been guided and protected all the way, frequently helped by a loving and wonderfully patient practitioner and, above all, by the immediate discovery that Christian Science never fails to heal. Christian Science is now respected by all our near relatives (one brother having sought its aid for himself and received many blessings), while our nurse, who has been with us for fifteen years and used to work most zealously under the doctor's orders, now, in any sickness, immediately demands that the children shall have Christian Science treatment. During the last six years they have never been absent from school for more than one or two days, nor has it ever been found necessary to ask that Christian Science treatment should be continued for more than one, two, or three days at a time, and we have had many proofs of its constant availability and efficacy.

Once, while staying with her grandparents in Scotland, the younger child put her elbow out of joint. We wrapped her at once in a shawl, to conceal the unsightly arm, and united in declaring the truth—that there is nothing out of place in Mind. In a few moments the dinner gong rang and, in order that no one should know of our difficulty, I was obliged to leave the elder child to help her little sister into bed, their nurse being on holiday. I just lifted up my thought and realized with gratitude that they were in the loving care of the Father-Mother God. It was possible to communicate with a practitioner over three hundred miles away and Christian Science treatment was at once taken up. Later I found the child sleeping peacefully, the arm having gone back into place during her sleep and there being no longer any trace of dislocation. The following day all sense of fear had left her and she was riding her pony in complete happiness, with full use of that arm. On another occasion, when most of her class in school were ill with mumps and she had manifested painful symptoms, she was entirely healed in two days under Christian Science treatment.

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December 10, 1932

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