With a deep sense of gratitude for the many blessings I...

With a deep sense of gratitude for the many blessings I have received since becoming a student of Christian Science, I should like to tell of one of the many healings I have had through the understanding of man as the reflection of God. About three and a half years ago, as we were getting ready to close our summer home, some friends called, and during their visit they roamed around our place and a neighboring farm and returned with a quantity of mushrooms they had gathered. As they said they were familiar with the varieties, I consented to eat some the next day. That afternoon we closed the house and drove forty miles to the home of my family. About eleven o'clock that night I became very ill. I had no books of any kind with me, and being out of the United States I did not know how to reach a practitioner. However, as I was conscious much of the time, I was able between the most painful attacks to hold steadfastly to the truth I knew. I was very grateful that the other members of the family were asleep, and not aware of my suffering, for they know very little of Christian Science.

The next morning, by remaining in my room I was able to ward off any questioning. Soon the family left for the day, and I was just able to get downstairs to a telephone and finally I reached a practitioner, who lovingly took up the work. I returned to bed. No mention of the mushrooms was made to the family on their return, so that their fears were not aroused until the next morning, when a telephone call from a neighbor at our summer home informed them that our cook, who had also partaken of the mushrooms, had been taken to the hospital two nights before in a dying condition from mushroom poisoning, and that the authorities were trying to find out if I was all right. In great fear a call was sent for a doctor, who kindly agreed to come, although he knew my wishes in such matters. After an examination he just said, "You have been a very sick girl—something has saved you." In three days I was able to go to the hospital to see my cook, who lay in a critical condition for some weeks. To me, my healing was only one more proof of the power and care of God, good.

The study of Christian Science has brought me much benefit and joy, but the thing for which I am most grateful is the fact that it has given me an understanding of God such as I never had before; and this is certainly the "pearl of great price."

Testimony of Healing
About twenty-two years ago Christian Science came into...
April 5, 1930

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