Each day finds me more grateful for Christian Science,...

Each day finds me more grateful for Christian Science, and for our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who has given to us this great gift. It has met our every need for more than fourteen years, and has been invaluable in the care of our five children, who have known no other remedy than Christian Science treatment. They have had many healings, and have experienced many instances of God's protection. They have been healed of so-called children's diseases in a much shorter time than is usually the case under medical treatment. Our eldest son was healed in a few days of every evidence of blood poisoning from a rusty nail in his foot, and was out of school only one day. The children enjoy the great privilege of attending the Christian Science Sunday School.

One of my first healings, and one that stands out in my thought, was that of inflammatory rheumatism. Several years later, when it again manifested itself, I discovered that fear of it had not been entirely destroyed. When this was uncovered, not only fear of that particular disease was overcome, but, also, to a great extent, fear of other ills, especially where the children were concerned. This has been of great benefit to me and to them.

We are gaining a better understanding of true supply, and finding that gratitude for our many blessings, and especially for Life, Truth, and Love, is a most important stepping-stone to progress along this line, as well as the replacing of resentment, unjust criticism, fear, and worry by thoughts of love for all and confidence in God's ability and willingness to care for His children.

Testimony of Healing
Having been healed of what doctors called "fibroid...
April 5, 1930

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