Our first healing in Christian Science was that of scarlet...

Our first healing in Christian Science was that of scarlet fever and diphtheria. Being new in the study and application of Christian Science, we relied entirely on the understanding of the practitioner; and the loving work and kindness shown in helping us to study the Lesson-Sermon daily, to read the periodicals, and so forth, have been fruitful beyond measure. It was during this experience that the underlying foundation of our understanding of Christian Science was laid; and while our progress has been slow, several healings have been instantaneous. However, the spiritual uplifting, the moral conversion, and the knowledge that "all things work together for good to them that love God," are the reasons for the acknowledgment that, during the past tweleve years, Christian Science has met every need and condition to which it has been applied.

I have been healed of periodic sick headaches, constipation, and influenza. Two children were born under most harmonious conditions after fear had been destroyed and entire reliance placed on God.

During housecleaning time one year it was necessary to do some work over a window, and to do so I had to stand on a table. As I was getting down to answer the doorbell the table tilted, throwing me against the wall, which I struck with my elbow, thereafter not being able to bend or lift my arm. Hearing the racket someone walked in and asked if I had broken my legs. I told him I had not done that, but he reluctantly departed as he thought I was seriously injured. Immediately after he left the pain became intense in my arm. I went upstaire to lie down, but could not do so. I declared out loud that all of God's ideas are intact and cannot be displaced. The bones of the arm seemed to snap back into place, but the pain persisted. About twenty minutes later our little girl came upstairs to see about lunch. I had just stated out loud, "Now are we the sons of God," when she entered the room and answered, "I know it." Then I realized that my work was done, and went downstairs to lunch free from pain. I could not raise my arm above my head until the third day after the fall, but have had no discomfort of any sort since.

April 5, 1930

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