Overcoming Error

Making use of Christian Science to keep the body well is but a small part of the great task of working out one's salvation; for this effort is but the introductory step toward overcoming the world, the flesh, and all evil. That every error of belief must eventually be destroyed is early seen and acknowledged by the student of Christian Science; but since Truth is comprehended gradually, counterfeiting errors are uncovered and recognized as errors only as spiritual perception increases. The student can hardly realize the scope of the necessary work before him until he is convinced that every error of mortal belief must be overcome.

As one yearns and strives for clearer vision and more understanding of Truth, he must with equal seriousness seek to root out of his thinking the errors that would hinder the demonstration of spiritual power and obscure the vision of perfect being. Students of Christian Science who study diligently and strive earnestly may sometimes ask, Why do I not have more pronounced demonstrations and realize more rapid spiritual growth? Since Science cannot be lacking, the difficulty must be within false mortal sense. Within this false sense are all deceitful and subtle errors, and without honest self-analysis they may continue for a time undetected and therefore undestroyed.

"His duty to God"
January 11, 1930

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