When first I heard of Christian Science I was making arrangements...

When first I heard of Christian Science I was making arrangements to come out to South Africa, the doctors having said that they could do nothing for me, but the trip and the climate of South Africa might prolong my life a little. I was suffering from consumption of the throat, and it was going to my lungs; and I was getting worse every day. I was feeling very ill and depressed, beginning to fear I should never reach the end of the voyage, when a lady who was visiting in the village came to see me and asked if I had heard of Christian Science. When I replied that I had not, she began to tell me of God as Love, who never sent sickness, sin, and death. I drank in every word, knowing that I had at last found the truth and the religion for which I had been looking and longing all my life. I did not realize at first that this religion, properly applied, would heal me. When this was explained to me I asked for treatment; and in two weeks, one of present and one of absent treatment, I was healed. Instead of coming out to South Africa as an invalid, I came out well,—absolutely healed. I shall never forget the joy of that trip, the glorious feeling of well-being and freedom after months of bondage to sickness, and my happiness at being able to enter into all the sports. It was sixteen years ago that I was healed, and I have relied absolutely on Christian Science in all cases of sickness since then, and have never found it lacking when properly applied.

There are many beautiful healing I could write about, but one in particular stands out in my thought. During the time of drought and depression which this part of the country went through two years ago, my husband's business seemed in a very bad way indeed, the bank having stopped giving any more credit, and the fear was expressed that the business would have to close down and the work and savings of years be lost. I took up work in Science at once, but the clouds did not seem to lift, and every avenue of relief seemed closed. At last I felt that I must have the help of a practitioner. This was lovingly given, and renewed hope and fresh courage were experienced. To material sense things did not seem to change, but I knew the light must come. Had it not always come? Month followed month of depression, but still I clung to Truth. One morning I awoke feeling that this condition should not go on, and I prayed earnestly to be shown what was hindering the demonstration. Then a great sense of peace came over me. When the post came it brought a loving letter from a friend in the country saying she had thought of me and had made me a cake. This act of kindness seemed to break something in my thought, and a great flood of joy came over me. I realized, as never before, that we were not forsaken; for, as the Bible says, "if ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children," how much more was the heavenly Father shedding His great love on me and mine. I seemed to be lifted right out of myself, and felt I must call my neighbors in to share the beautiful gift; so I prepared a party. It was a bitterly cold day, and as we gathered round the fire and enjoyed the warmth and the delicious cake, on all sides was the question asked, "Is it all right; have things come right in the business?" I could say with solid conviction, "It's going to be." I could not tell them of the certainty in my heart.

Testimony of Healing
About eight years ago I was studying medicine in a hospital...
July 25, 1925

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