Daily Safeguards

In a western American state there was an unpleasant occurrence. It was an automobile accident, but no one was hurt. In one of the cars were four women, all of them students of Christian Science. Later in the day, in talking over the incident, one of them made the remark, "This morning, in the hurry of getting off, I barely had time to do my Manual work." That evening, each of the three women came separately to the one who had made the remark and asked confidentially, "Just what did you mean by 'Manual work'?"

All of these persons were members of The Mother Church, but all of them seemed more or less ignorant of the daily helps and safeguards given to Christian Scientists by their Leader in Sections 1, 4, and 6 of Article VIII of the Manual of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, Massachusetts. The importance of these aids had evidently not been comprehenced by them. This recalled to thought a criticism heard some time before. It was said: "You Christian Scientists express gratitude for God's protection, and then go on to tell how you fell down the cellar stairs; how your automobile was smashed up in an accident; how the gas stove exploded and burned off your eyebrows. I like consistency. Where is God's protection in all this? It would seem to me as if He were a careless sort of God. Or perhaps He is only forgetful."

July 25, 1925

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