Many years ago Christian Science came into my life in...

Many years ago Christian Science came into my life in answer to prayer for guidance. Its coming meant liberation from limitation in health, supply, and opportunity. As I glance back over the footsteps of this journey from sense to Soul, I see diseases that have vanished into their native nothingness, opportunities for study and travel that have opened, bettered living conditions, happier working days, and a host of friends encircling the globe whom it has been a joy to know. And all these have come to me through the power of Truth operating in my human experience.

During these years the opportunities to prove God's power over illness and accident have been many. But out of the proofs there has come the realization that it is the unfolding of God's plan for each individual that counts. "He has mercy upon us, and guides every event of our careers," is our beloved Leader's statement on pages 3 and 4 of "Unity of Good." So have I learned that it is not the success or failure of human plans, but obedience to God's plan of activity for each and all, that brings a joy which is lasting. It is only when human will gets in the way with its methods that we fail to act in accord with God's guidance, and so miss the joy that comes from obedience to His will. I am very grateful for guidance in making decisions and for direction even in what seem to be but minor details of daily action.

July 25, 1925

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