A Christian Scientist on his journey from the material and false sense of things to the spiritual and true concept of creation is not infrequently surrounded by thick clouds of doubt, fear, and indecision. The first thing needful to the correct and happy solution of his problem is the desire to be led of God,—to follow in the paths of righteousness. This gained, he can proceed safely. If his motives are pure, he can confidently look to God, divine Mind, for direction and inspiration. The second requisite for his success is that, when he sees the way, he shall go forward; that he shall humbly and obediently take each step as it is shown to him, never allowing himself to be turned aside by the suggestions of error.

The arguments of evil may present to the thought of the Christian Scientist that he is unfitted for the work just in front of him or that some other person can do it much better than he. The student should recognize these suggestions at once as self-depreciation and shirking of duty, which would try to prevent Love from being manifested, and would leave the individual himself in the darkness of false belief along that particular line and deprive those about him of the blessing of seeing his light shine.

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