Watch Your Thought

EVERYBODY is familiar with the colloquialism, "Watch your step," which in a country already rich in terse phraseology seems to have taken a permanent place as part of its everyday language. Good advice, as it assuredly is, it leads one into the realm where it originated; and here we find it to be naturally lifted to a higher meaning and importance. Thought admittedly precedes every act, word, and motion, whether consciously or unconsciously; and as thought was the producer of the phrase referred to, it can readily be seen that we need still another epigram to father this one, as it were.

Let us adopt for our motto, "Watch your thought," and see what we can gain by listening to its friendly counsel. If we watch our thought, we shall certainly watch our step; for Mind is the only motive power,—Mind, which is always knowing and producing. Recognizing but one Mind, and that Mind God, or good, we find the eternal source of all good thoughts, and hence of all good deeds. God, who made man in His own image, is constantly expressed by this man of His creating, in whom is reflected God-given dominion. This reflection does not mean dominion over a few things, but over all things, "himself subordinate alone to his Maker," as Mrs. Eddy tells us on page 518 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures."

"The gate . . . called Beautiful"
April 18, 1925

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