"Thy will be done"

WHEN it is remembered that a vast multitude of people repeat the words, "Thy will be done," from the Lord's Prayer at least once a week, and that thousands use them in daily prayer, one is tempted to wonder why they have not done more towards making the world a better place in which to live. Now, we know that since desire is always a part of prayer, no mere repetition of words can avail anything if the desire for their fulfillment be lacking. Do all who say, "Thy will be done," really desire that God's will shall be done? The answer to that question surely depends upon their desire, and also upon their understanding as to what constitutes God's will.

Too often it is thought by the sufferer that the will of God means that he must patiently go on suffering because for some mysterious reason it is not God's will for him to have the health which others enjoy. Similarly, the mourner may feel that it means his being resigned to a sense of having lost much that would make life worth living. And to youth it often appears to mean the giving up of pleasure. In each case it is thought to indicate the loss of something worth having. No wonder that with such belief men have come to fear God's will rather than to love and desire it! Though this prayer is repeated as a duty by many people, can it be said that they honestly look forward to having what they conceive to be God's will done, since it claims to bring disaster into their lives?

Seeking the Kingdom of God
April 18, 1925

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