EVERY student of Christian Science will be amply repaid by a careful study of Mrs. Eddy's use in her various writings of the word "grace." She uses it in some of her most beautiful passages; and always she lifts it above the merely ecclesiastical meaning of unmerited favor or free gift into its higher meaning of the spontaneous action of divine Love. This meaning includes, yet transcends, all that has been implied by the word; just as Jesus' teaching, coming with "grace and truth," transcended, yet included, all that Moses had taught in the law.

God's grace is the tender expression of His love extended even to the undeserving or guilty. The publican, recognizing and repenting of his sins, however grievous they may have been, must have experienced God's grace. This grace was hidden from the self-righteous Pharisee; but sooner or later he, too, would have some experience that would awaken him out of the dream of self; then, with the destruction of sin, would come the joy that the grace of God holds for all. Those of us who have known the saving power of Christian Science, who have been healed of our diseases and been forgiven our iniquities, realize how abundant is God's love, how much His grace exceeds anything that we as mortals deserve. Thought is filled with adoration when we thus realize the affluence of Love's blessings.

April 18, 1925

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