After I had suffered for several years with what the...

After I had suffered for several years with what the doctors called muscular rheumatism, a dear friend, seeing my condition, proposed my trying Christian Science treatment. At that time I knew nothing of it, but thought from the name that it must be a kind of divine healing; and as everything else had failed, I decided to try it. Thinking from what my friend had said that one treatment was all I needed, I took the one treatment, and was entirely healed.

I had often suffered from quinsy sore throat, as my parents expected every cold to end with quinsy. After I came into Christian Science, this trouble presented itself very plainly one morning, but I at once denied it reality. When the maid suggested preparing my breakfast, I told her the condition, saying I would retire to my room and would not see any one that day. Being interested in Christian Science, she understood. I started to work mentally, knowing the unreality of disease, that I might destroy the lie I had lived under all my life. By twelve o'clock that night I was perfectly free. Always before I had suffered from ten days to two weeks.

Testimony of Healing
Some years ago Christian Science found me in a very...
April 18, 1925

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