"All ye that labour and are heavy laden"

A Very weary one sometimes hears of Christian Science, catches some gleam of its beauty and truth, but finds himself regretting that it is not for him because he feels as if he has not the strength to master it. The universality of Science, which caused Mrs. Eddy to write in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 494), "Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need," can be nowhere better illustrated than in its fitness to help such a one. Christian Science assures him, at the very outset, that he need do nothing in his own strength. It points out that his trouble is just a belief that he can do something in that way. And it shows that all he need do to receive the refreshment and power he desires, is to drop this false belief in favor of the truth.

The truth as revealed in Christian Science is universal and profound; but it comes to human thought so simply that children can understand it. It is, in brief, that God is infinite Love. Consider for a moment what this means. Every one has seen something of love,—genuine, unselfish love. Every one has seen it in mothers, causing them to plan and provide for their children far beyond the ability of the little ones even to ask. But this mother-love is more or less finite. It is limited, often touchingly so, in resources for blessing its beloved. It is limited sometimes also in knowledge of what is good for them.

"We glory in tribulations"
April 4, 1925

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