Unity with God

WHAT joy we experience when we have gained even a small understanding of what it means to "live, and move, and have our being" in God! For God, divine Mind, being All, He does fill all space, and He is the only Life. As we begin to realize that the only real Life is God, the fact dawns on our awakened consciousness that the only Life which can be manifested or reflected by any of God's ideas is perfect and indestructible; also that, since God is All, He is the only power, and there never has been, and never will be, any other power or presence, so that we are never out of God's protecting care. What a wonderful sense of security this gives us!

When the writer first became interested in Christian Science, one of the things that impressed her most was the fact of man's unity with God, the knowledge that man is at-one with the Father. This realization, slight as it was, brought with it a far greater sense of security and protection than could ever be gained while believing that God is a God afar off! God is never absent; therefore evil can never really be present. And the belief of evil, or error, vanishes before this truth, understandingly and constantly affirmed, even as darkness vanishes before light, provided the light is kept constant as the result of due care and attention. It is for us who are students of Christian Science not to let our light grow dim by being mentally lazy, but honestly and persistently to apply the understanding we have gained, that the light of Truth may be manifested in our daily living.

Loving My Neighbor as Myself
December 5, 1925

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