A study of the career and experiences of Moses brings to light many helpful and exceedingly interesting things, and reveals the striking similarity of the experiences of mankind to-day to those of Moses. Every step of Moses' experience shows a continual seeking for and the unfoldment in consciousness of God's law. Every step he took was to understand more of God; and every step uncovered new claims to obstruction. Each obstruction, however formidable it might have appeared to be, served as an opportunity to prove more and more the fullness, completeness, and unfailing effectiveness of God's law; and each one of these experiences led Moses nearer and nearer to that clear comprehension of God, and of man's relationship to God, which enabled him to discern and proclaim God's law in the Ten Commandments.

Moses, in his vain effort to avenge the wrongs of his people by killing an Egyptian, was far from the point in his experience where he could discern the burning bush in the desert place. It is clearly apparent also that Moses at the burning bush was not yet qualified or able to demonstrate what Moses at the Red Sea demonstrated later; and it required the experiences in the desert place of the Midianites, in Egypt, and at the Red Sea, and the problems of the wilderness, to make him ready for the revelation of mount Sinai.

Giving What We Have
December 5, 1925

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