On Following the Leader

ALL causes having for their purpose the promotion of human welfare have as their founders and leaders men and women of vision. In every age, some advanced thinker with prophetic sight reaching beyond the immediate horizon of the times, witnessing mankind's needs, has undertaken to lead humanity forward, even up the heights of true idealism. Such a one inevitably becomes a guide to point the way ; and loyalty to the leader becomes an important factor of success with all the followers. Fellowship in such a cause is established upon agreement with the purpose of the crusade, with the ideals of the leader, and upon belief in the practicability and soundness of his doctrine.

Among those who have undertaken to lead mankind out of the wilderness of materiality, the name of Christ Jesus stands preeminent above all. He showed the way to gain the pearl of greatest price, the way to heaven, harmony, and holiness. Gathering about himself a little band of humble folk, fishermen and laborers, he led a crusade and established a cause which has steadily gained in momentum until it has become the dominant movement of the whole earth. Christianity is mankind's most important enterprise; and loyalty to its Founder is widespread throughout the earth. None other, from lowly beginnings or high, has so greatly changed the current of human lives through turning thought to the worship of God.

Divine Help Always at Hand
December 5, 1925

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