Christian Science adheres strictly to Scriptural teachings...


Christian Science adheres strictly to Scriptural teachings and employs in its healing ministry nothing that is evil in itself or is capable of producing evil, relying, as it does, solely upon the power of God, in whom there is no element that can possibly harm. Any supposed power claiming capacity to do both good and evil surely cannot emanate from a source wholly and unchangeably good, and must therefore be of human origin, not divine. Christian Science eschews all curative agencies which are not of divine origin. Jesus himself was once accused of casting out devils (evils) by the power of "Beelzebub the prince of the devils." The belief that evil can cast out evil he characterized as a "house divided against itself," which, he said, cannot stand; and human experience with suggestion and hypnotism amply confirms the truth of Jesus' teachings. It must be clear that anything so unlike the nature of God as hypnotism or suggestion can no more enter into the practice of Christian Science than it entered into the practice of the master Christian. Christian Science is the Science of being, which reveals to the enlightened understanding the truth about God and His creation,—man and the universe,—and the divine laws that govern the latter. Its practice and availability are in no wise limited. Every one has the privilege and capacity to learn and practice it; and in so far as we faithfully put into practice what we learn of it, we prove its efficacy for ourselves, and receive the blessings which are always the reward of obedience and righteousness. That which heals in Christian Science is not merely a blind faith that one will get well; it is "an absolute faith that all things are possible to God," to quote Mrs. Eddy's words on page 1 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,"—a faith based upon spiritual understanding of divine Truth.

November 17, 1923

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