It is a hopeful sign, indeed, when a prominent clergyman...

San Jose (Calif.) Mercury Herald

It is a hopeful sign, indeed, when a prominent clergyman selects the cure of disease as a subject of discourse, for the early Christian church concerned itself very vitally with healing the sick, and the fact that the church in modern times has delegated that function to the medical profession may be more responsible for empty pews than is generally suspected.

The clergyman is right when he says that many people regard prayer as the only divine method of healing the sick. Certainly no other method finds warrant in the New Testament, and Jesus the Christ, who was the master Physician and the example for all mankind in things divine, employed no other system. If medicine or drugs are divine remedies, it is rather strange that he absolutely ignored them. It is strange, too, that they should not succeed better than they do, and that the best physician is the one who prescribes them the least.

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