With interest I read in your paper the reprint about...

De Nieuwe Courant

With interest I read in your paper the reprint about Christian Science. Will you please allow me to explain some parts of it differently?

Your correspondent believes that in Christian Science sin and sickness are imputed to "one's own fault or that of the community." It seems to me that it were better to say that Christian Science teaches that the cause of all evil is found in ignorance of Truth, which is God. This teaching strives to make humanity know and obey God so well, that in all circumstances it can prove and experience His love, power, and allness. Christian Science is entirely founded on the Scriptures, on the great truths which Christianity professes. It not only brings the healing of sickness but the overcoming of all forms of evil and the supply of every need.

Letters from the Field
March 18, 1922

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