Steps Toward Good

Every person, in a greater or less degree, down to the most inconspicuous one on the most inconspicuous street, is about his Father's business, if he is doing right. Some may be wrapped closely in the cocoon of materiality, struggling unconsciously toward the light they have but faintly discerned. Others are perhaps emerging, their better thoughts appearing in the light of Truth. Every true Christian Scientist in the world to-day is striving to put off the old man with his material demands and to discern the real selfhood or the spiritual man—the son of God. If to the beginner this may seem to be traveling along the road of the unattainable, he can readily demonstrate its possibility if he will conscientiously put a loving thought where a thought of hate may be trying to find place,—for God is Love; watch that he has a thought of health where a sickly thought is claiming to exist,—for God is Life; and will every time put a good thought where an evil thought is seeming to be,—for God is good. Then will he begin to understand why the real man has, or wants, no power to create discord; and in proportion to this knowing he will here and now be reflecting spiritually his Maker and claiming his heritage as the son of God, including all the blessings that go with it.

When one stops to consider that the only belief the human, mortal mind ever claimed to produce is finally linked with suffering of some sort, is it any wonder that one turns away from the darkness and misery of material thinking to the joy and peace of divine Mind, where no pain has ever found lodgment? The way may not always be smooth. Arousing one's self from toleration of a power opposed to good may present obstacles; but when the smoke of battle has lifted, the blinding dust of sense-testimony will be blown away by spiritual perception. Then mankind will find that it has been purifying itself on its journey up to the realization that God's man is pure.

The Lesson of Naaman the Syrian
March 18, 1922

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