I have been healed by Christian Science of physical,...

I have been healed by Christian Science of physical, mental, and moral disorders. I was brought up in a denominational faith, but had entirely departed therefrom by the time I reached young manhood. Unable to find any evidence of the interposition of God in the affairs of men, I had lost belief in the efficacy of prayer, calling myself an agnostic. I continued in this belief for a great many years, until some years ago, being a sufferer from a stomach disorder for which I had been unable to obtain relief, although I had been treated by various physicians of different schools of practice, I applied to a Christian Science practitioner for treatment and was healed in a short time. The relief obtained was so great, and, so far as I could see, without anything being done to bring it about, that it challenged investigation to ascertain the cause. I was informed that I could ascertain how the cure was effected by studying the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and I bought the book and began its study, with the result of further physical benefits and a complete revolution in my ideas about God and man.

I was familiar with the idealism taught by the philosophers, and of the nonreality of matter as taught by Berkeley, but had been unable to glean anything of value to me from their treatment of the subject. I found, however, that in the hands of Mrs. Eddy it became of vital moment, and that, as a necessary corollary therefrom, God became the great and indeed the only factor in the affairs of men. I endeavored to apply the teachings in the affairs of my own life, with the result that many discordant factors disappeared. I was healed of the grip, fever, an injury to my knee caused by a blow from an axe, and a broken rib occasioned by a fall. The use of tobacco, in which I had indulged from childhood, was overcome almost without effort on my part, all desire for it being completely eradicated, and some ugly traits of character have been. I believe, either cured or greatly modified.

Testimony of Healing
I first became interested in Christian Science at a time...
February 4, 1922

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