I first became interested in Christian Science at a time...

I first became interested in Christian Science at a time when I was very much discouraged over the results of an operation, upon the success of which I had based so much hope for health. I had always been a very frail child, and as the years passed I was able to attend to my duties only by spending almost all of the time outside of office hours in bed. I was unable to walk any distance, and never able to participate in any of the pastimes which my friends enjoyed. I had heard of Christian Science, and was very much prejudiced against what I considered it to be, but the time came when I lost all faith in material medicine and turned to Christian Science, being convinced through the healing of a friend that there must be something more to it than I knew. Any doubts I may have had as to its healing power were banished through what, to me, was a very remarkable healing which took place shortly after I became interested. I fell heavily, striking my side on the sharp corner of a desk, and because of the intense pain and the inability to raise my arm the belief was expressed that I had either cracked or broken a rib. It was some time before I was able to call a practitioner, and while the severe pain then ceased, almost instantaneously, the soreness remained. Three days later, as I was planning to go out of town, I again asked for help, and the following morning awakened with absolutely no trace of the injury and able to use my arm freely in every way; nor did I have any return of the trouble.

At another time when I was about to step from a rowboat it gave a sudden lurch which threw me off my balance. My foot was caught in a cleat in the bottom of the boat and I fell in a right-about-face position to that in which I had been standing, sustaining a very bad strain and severe bruises. At this time I was among people who were very antagonistic to Christian Science, and dire results were predicted when I would not consult a doctor. But, with the help of a practitioner, in less than a week I was entirely free from the effects of the injury, and was absent from my work but half a day during that time.

Testimony of Healing
From early childhood I was considered by the physicians...
February 4, 1922

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