During the past three years it has been proved to me...

During the past three years it has been proved to me many times that "the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword." It was just a few days after the birth of my eldest child that Christian Science was presented to me. I was relying on medicine at the time but was eager to study Christian Science, as medicine had never helped me except temporarily. I had read Science and Health but a short time when I learned that I could not rely on both medicine and Christian Science at the same time. The physical disorders for which I first asked for treatment were slow in yielding, and for this I am especially grateful as I learned during this time how to overcome a chronic habit of thought that was so unlike God,—fear, worry, impatience, discouragement, ill-temper, self-pity, self-will, and self-justification. I learned that they were no part of man in God's image and likeness, for man being the expression of God, Mind, reflects only the qualities and attributes of God, good. Through the work of a practitioner I learned how to study to gain the understanding of Christian Science that gives us the right idea of both God and man; and it is the right idea, or truth, active in thought that destroys false beliefs—wrong thinking.

I have been healed of constant headache, backache, extreme dizziness, stomach trouble, chronic constipation, and palpitation of the heart. When the second baby came we relied upon Christian Science. The birth was harmonious and quick, and every law laid down by materia medica was overcome. Two weeks before the baby came I had what seemed to be a serious accident. In falling from the porch I injured my right arm. I had this arm examined by two physicians; one said the ligaments around the elbow were badly lacerated, the other said that it was probably broken in two places. I asked for Christian Science treatment and was relieved of much pain and fear. This arm was not completely healed at the time of the birth of the baby, but I suffered no inconvenience or pain from it at that time. Our two little boys have never tasted medicine and are healthy, active children. They have been protected during times of contagion, and have quickly responded to treatment in cases of colds, fevers, and whooping cough, and disorders supposed to arise from teething. The older child was healed of a badly scalded foot, boiling water having been spilled on it. I am very grateful for the kindness and sustaning help of the practitioner at this time, for at times I needed help in battling with fear. I called the practitioner immediately after the accident occurred, and in about half an hour the child was asleep and rested well all night. A few days later symptoms of blood poisoning were in evidence, but this was soon overcome. The foot healed, and the child was soon walking. Other healings we experienced in our family were of influenza, toothache, cuts, and burns. These healings do indeed prove that Christian Science is "the pearl of great price."

Testimony of Healing
The first healing in our family through Christian Science...
February 4, 1922

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