"The substance of good"

Since the beginning of the Adam-dream, when man was first condemned to till the soil, one of the greatest problems of mankind has seemed to be that of supply. Out of the multitudinous illusions and false concepts of mortal mind, gradually there took form the belief that a man could not possess all that he needed to live happily and successfully. A neighbor or fellow man seemed always to have what one lacked or desired; hence the natural way to attain a desired object was to exchange with or take from the neighbor. From such simple beginnings have been evolved the vast and varied business activities of our own time. From the very first, men have striven to attain, have sought better things, reached out for good, according to the individual concept of what was good or most to be desired. In a vast majority of cases, the goal sought is wealth and the road thereto is called successful business.

Upon entering the business world one may be beset by fears and doubts and laws of limitation. A change of political régime may cause great uncertainty; it may be feared that another firm may in some way undermine the business, that some individual more keen may force one out, or one may outgrow his usefulness and be shelved; and so on and on through innumerable phases of fear and dread of failure. Since the day when Cain, jealous of Abel's manifestation of higher attainment, favor, and success, slew his brother, the zeal to obtain and retain material wealth and power has often developed and revealed the animal propensities of human nature,—greed, selfishness, malice, envy, jealousy, and dishonesty,—which one must overcome if he would climb the ladder of fame or success. The cause of all this is suppositional mortal mind. What is the remedy for it? Surely there is but one, namely the recognition of Mind as infinite Spirit, God, Truth, Life, and Love.

Disarming Mortal Mind
July 23, 1921

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