The Activity of Love

True activity is the utilization or expression of the qualities of Spirit, such as love, unselfishness, meekness, kindness, happiness, thoughtfulness for others. The divine Mind expresses its activity through man, and cannot express anything but good. The false beliefs of disease, injustice, dishonesty, lack, and discord, with all their accompanying misery, recognized as real by the material senses, are not true activity. They are but the supposititious opposites of the real and true qualities of Mind, expressed as health, justice, honesty, abundance, harmony. Infinite Love, knowing only the truth, cannot know anything about these false beliefs; hence man, as God's image and likeness, knows them not. These mortal beliefs cannot really prevent the apprehension of the beauty of God's universe with its infinite, harmonious activity. They reign in human selfhood alone; hence the elimination of self is imperative if we would emulate the selfless love and activity of the Christ. God, divine Love, the only real, active power, is never for an instant separate from His creation, and, as His law operates unceasingly, He is ever pouring out good and good only to His idea, which receives constantly, therefore, without limitation the abundance of good.

On page 187 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," Mrs. Eddy declares, "The divine Mind includes all action and volition, and man in Science is governed by this Mind." The lucidity of this statement is unsurpassed. It follows, then, that the divine Mind alone can form and determine a purpose, the accomplishment of which must be expressed through His image and likeness, man. Mrs. Eddy also writes in "The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany" (p. 189), "The government of divine Love derives its omnipotence from the love it creates in the heart of man; for love is allegiant, and there is no loyalty apart from love;" and again, on page 268, "This time-world flutters in my thought as an unreal shadow, and I can only solace the sore ills of mankind by a lively battle with 'the world, the flesh and the devil,' in which Love is the liberator and gives man the victory over himself." The power of Love to liberate from all the ills of the flesh, as well as from all mental disturbances, has been accurately demonstrated thousands upon thousands of times in the history of Christian Science.

"Why callest thou me good?"
July 23, 1921

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