About eight years ago there came to me an immeasurable...

About eight years ago there came to me an immeasurable blessing, an inkling of Christian Science. It came at a time of seeming physical distress. I had rheumatism in both my limbs and was not able to walk or to stand. When material remedies brought no relief and despair seemed deepest my mother was advised to try Christian Science treatment for me, which she did. The practitioner whom she went to see gave me absent treatment. In two days I was able to call upon her, and in five days I was completely healed. Later another proof of the efficacy of Christian Science healing was experienced. I asked the practitioner if nosebleed could be healed and if she would treat me. She answered affirmatively. The bleeding ceased instantaneously and I was free to keep an appointment I had made.

I desire to express my love and appreciation to those who have aided in making the way clear. Also I want to give thanks for the Sunday school instruction which I received, and for the unfoldment of Truth. Through striving to enter in may I manifest gratitude to God for His gift of Christian Science to this age.

Testimony of Healing
The centenary of our Leader's birth arouses a deep...
July 23, 1921

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