The following testimony is given with the hope that some...

The following testimony is given with the hope that some one who may be held in bondage by sin, disease, and perhaps in "the shadow of death" may be enlightened, encouraged, and uplifted by the demonstration which I have had and am able to bear witness to, through the revelation of the truth as revealed to the world through the glorious work of our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. I was afflicted with pleurisy which later developed into empyema, the latter disease necessitating a tapping operation closely followed by another operation for the removal of part of one of my ribs so that a rubber tube could be inserted, through which drainage passed for nearly a year. During this period each day seemingly brought me nearer death. I had lost the use of my right lung entirely, and in order to try to restore it I was following various medical directions, but to no avail. Many times I prayed that I might die to be relieved of the suffering.

My gratitude goes out to a very dear friend of mine who brought "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the incomparable work of Mrs. Eddy, to my door. It was indeed a great demonstration which took place the day I had my first treatment. I took up Christian Science whole-heartedly, giving up all material methods, and that evening there was only a small spot of fluid from the lungs, the same gradually diminishing from then on for about eight weeks, when all drainage had ceased and the wound was completely healed. Several months later the physician who attended me during my sickness asked for my consent to have an X-ray photograph taken of my lung, to which I consented, knowing that God, Spirit, had brought about a complete restoration. The X-ray plates showed my right lung to be fully developed. Here I wish to state that the physician had said I would never have the use of that lung again. Since my healing took place there has never been any trace whatsoever of the disease. I changed my residence from Illinois to California, but never for a moment have I felt any effect of the change of climate, for I am always knowing that God is ever present and fills all space. Words can never fully express my gratitude to Mrs. Eddy and to the friends who so lovingly brought to me the realization of the one and only real and eternal Mind, God, all Life, Truth, Love, over all, and All-in-all.

Testimony of Healing
Surely with the psalmist I too can sing, "Thou anointest...
July 23, 1921

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