The centenary of our Leader's birth arouses a deep...

The centenary of our Leader's birth arouses a deep sense of gratitude in the hearts of those whose privilege it is to have lived during this period and to have known of some of her human footsteps. It recalls to my thought the first copy of the Sentinel which I possessed, as the result of the purchase of which I had my first proof of the protective power of the truth, for which I have never publicly expressed gratitude.

I purchased the periodical en route to visit a sister who lived some distance away and as we was not a Christian Scientist and I was only to be with her for a few days I did not take it out of my suit case. During the early morning of the day on which I was to take the train for home, there came to memory the sweet face of an aunt of a childhood friend, whom I had seen only once and had long since forgotten, who was in a railroad accident when almost no one was saved. That evening after my friends had left me comfortably settled in the sleeper, which was the last car of the train, I got this copy of the Sentinel out of my suit case and while reading and pondering it I came to the words: "There is no death; Life is infinite." Just then our sleeper suddenly made a most peculiar movement as if running over rocks instead of steel rails. I got up and went forward in the car, when there came a terrific crash which threw the Sentinel out of my hands, knocked off my hat, tossed me back and forth against the seats, put the car in utter darkness, and left it standing at an angle of about forty degrees. The gas fumes were terrible and I expected any minute that the car would burn up or roll down an embankment, yet I felt no fear. There was only one other passenger in the car at the time. She had tried to follow me, and having been thrown in some peculiar way under the seat was crying for help. I assisted her while mentally and continuously repeating the words read from the Sentinel: "There is no death; Life is infinite."

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my gratitude for all the help and...
July 23, 1921

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