I want to express my gratitude to God for all His loving-kindness...

I want to express my gratitude to God for all His loving-kindness to me, and also to Mrs. Eddy for the Science of Christianity which she gave to the world when the world most needed it.

When the problem of finding the right occupation presented itself, one plan after another failed, and I thought if I went to a new place I might do better, so decided to visit relatives in a distant state. The relatives knew very little about Christian Science and being doctors and missionaries they had their own beliefs about health laws and religion; nevertheless sickness reigned in their home. Shortly after my young son and I arrived a member of the family was taken ill with influenza. One by one they all came down with it and finally my little son. He was in bed only one day, and, although he had a high fever, by morning his temperature was normal. The doctors were astonished and felt sure that by noon the fever would return, and laid down the usual laws, but my son and I knew only one Lawmaker and one law. We held persistently to the truth, and Truth was the victor.

March 19, 1921

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