About six years ago I became afficted with what five attending...

About six years ago I became afficted with what five attending physicians unanimously agreed was neuralgia of the face. Their treatment of this malady was somewhat identifcal, consisting mainly of the use of opiates, although one or two suggested surgical operations on the diseased portions as permanent remedies, necessitating my removal to a hospital. I was unable to swallow food without the use of a tube, which of course restricted me to liquids only. After two of these supposedly final operations, there was no relief, and my husband, fairly indignant with the results, wrote to a doctor then in attendance for his opinion as to my condition.

In a written reply, the doctor said in part: "Your favor received and note what you say relative to pain Mrs. R. is having.... I am quite positive it is not medicine she requires, but Christian Science or some other mental treatment beyond my power, that will rejuvenate her general nervous system and get her back to herself again.... I would suggest that she be put under the care of some good Christian Science practitioner, who I believe would make her entirely well." This advice, which was surprising, has since had my hearty approval, although the doctor's misconception of Christian Science is now evident, in that he felt that it was some hypnotic influence I was in need of, when Christian Science, the remedy recommended, is quite the opposite.

Testimony of Healing
I wish to add my testimony to the many I have received...
March 19, 1921

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