Words can only express in a very small measure what...

Words can only express in a very small measure what Christian Science means to me and mine. There is no material price that can pay for what it has done and is doing each day for each one of us, for not a day goes by that God's allness is not proved in some way. When Christian Science first came to my home my baby was quite ill. She refused to eat and just lay listless without caring to move or to be moved. A neighbor who was a Christian Scientist had been talking to me of Christian Science whenever an opportunity presented itself, but I did not comprehend what she said until she gave me some Christian Science literature to read and I asked some questions about what I read, the answers to which revealed the truth to me. Baby was taking medicine at the time, but when I went home the medicine was thrown away and I endeavored to realize the truth that had been revealed to me. I have never had occasion to regret my step, for baby has doubled in weight and growth in six months' time, yes, even more than double, and is so happy and lively that it is almost impossible to believe she was ever sick.

I have since been healed of internal rupture. I spent only one day in bed and am as strong and even stronger than before. I certainly am grateful, and the only way I can repay for what I have received is by living the truth more and more each day and being willing to help whenever opportunity is mine to do so. I am hoping this may help others as I have been helped by reading the testimonies.

To Him that Hath
March 19, 1921

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