Good Citizenship

There should be no diversity of opinion as to the requisites of civil and social conduct and our duty to organized society; but in human fallibility we find a wide divergence in beliefs of what may constitute the necessary qualities of good citizenship. Probably the pro-saloon sympathizers, in their attitude on the enforcement of the prohibition laws, best illustrate the point. For otherwise lawabiding citizens, who are real sticklers for the enforcement of the laws of the land generally, even including international, will too frequently aid and abet violation of all sumptuary laws.

At no time probably in national history of the United States has the public been called upon to defend and uphold the laws of the land as now; for, during this period of reconstruction or readjustment and governmental effort to restore normal conditions, it has been and is necessary to reconcile unrest and combat the saturnalia of crime that usually is incident to and the legacy of war, and which now obtains both here and abroad. Infraction of the spirit of the law is, on occasion, quite as reprehensible as perversion or defeat of its letter. Mrs. Eddy expressed herself vigorously in this connection. In the present chaotic state of flux that now embraces and seems to imperil social order throughout the world, the ray of hope and promise evidenced in a quickened spiritual sense permeating the whole social fabric is more marked and obvious than has ever been chronicled. Dogma and sectarianism have never before counted for so little. Principle, divine Love, is advancing the cause of Christian Science as never before. For the protency of a demonstrable faith that is a practical help in time of trouble is fast becoming recognized as meeting urgent human needs.

March 19, 1921

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