I am very grateful for all that Christian Science means...

I am very grateful for all that Christian Science means to me, and I feel particularly grateful for the knowledge that Love can and does overcome hatred, envy, malice, revenge, sin, and all the et ceteras of mortal mind. About five years ago I had a very clear proof of this. A friend had a horse which was considered to be very vicious. It would kick and bite so that four or five men were unable to control it when harnessing it to a vehicle. In fact the only way they could overcome it was by using an instrument of torture, known as a "twitch." This seemed to have the effect of attracting the horse's attention to the pain to such an extent that it would not kick and fight for the time being. I have seen it stand and defy four or five men on more than one occasion. I several times asked the owner if he would let me harness the horse, but each time he refused, saying that the horse would kill me if I attempted such a thing.

Things seemed to go from bad to worse, however, and several of the men threatened to leave if the horse was kept any longer. They had tried all the physical force they could, but without success. It was at this stage that the owner asked me to give the horse Christian Science treatment, if I thought it would do it any good. Although I had several months before only been a scholar in a Christian Science Sunday school, still I was ready to help when called upon.

Testimony of Healing
For many years I had suffered from nervousness and...
March 19, 1921

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